At Jobmanji we understand that looking for a job can be frustrating – it’s a jungle out there and, instead of clearing a path to that perfect job, you can get lost. Jobmanji eliminates the struggle by helping to guide you smoothly to employment thanks to a streamlined, direct process that’s as easy as a Google search.

Our mission, quite simply, is to match the right jobseeker with the right employer. We want every vacancy to be filled successfully, and to everyone’s satisfaction.

In order to achieve this we bring all the jobs together in one place by aggregating information from job boards, recruitment agencies and companies. With Jobmanji there’s no more wasting time having to trawl through countless individual websites in what might be a futile quest. Every day Jobmanji indexes thousands of jobs throughout the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Romania, with the number of both employers and jobseekers using Jobmanji continually increasing.


Jobmanji strives to provide a unique job-finding service that sets it apart from other job search engines. We have developed a sophisticated network that includes recruiters and multiple job boards, and we post classified ads as well as job information from many other sources on a daily basis.

It’s not just that we bring you the largest, most comprehensive selection of jobs – we also endeavour to make job hunting a simple, fun experience.

Here’s what you can expect from Jobmanji:

  • The Jobmanji search engine is one of the fastest in the recruitment industry
  • We bring the latest jobs to you and make sure our records are up to date
  • Jobseekers can look for work using a variety of keywords
  • We ensure our results accurately match your search criteria
  • Search for any type of job – by industry, location and even trending topics
  • There are no irrelevant ads, and we don’t generate spam
  • We provide job description information
  • We help candidates from all backgrounds and professions
  • We provide candidates with a Career Centre

Our Career Centre resources help you identify information that is useful for learning all you need to know about writing covering letters, avoiding common CV mistakes, presenting yourself well to employers and, ultimately, finding a job.

At Jobmanji we believe that positive user experience is a priority, and we have teams in place who monitor user search results constantly to ensure that matches are accurate. A great deal of effort has gone into building our algorithms, and we never stop looking for ways – such as through our Feedback Form - to improve the way you use Jobmanji.


Jobmanji have made it simple for companies and recruitment agencies to post jobs. There are two methods – manually, via our simple form, or via an XML. By using our specification you can create a simple feed - that we run - which will import all of your jobs in seconds. Our developers work in partnership with recruiters to ensure that all jobs are posted correctly and are easy for jobseekers to find.

With a fast and robust architecture we are able to make searching for jobs quick and easy – you should not have to experience the inconvenience of waiting around for results. Thanks to Jobmanji, jobseekers are able to spend their time looking at our Advice and Tips section to help them along the way.

We appreciate that privacy is a chief concern, and all our users can be confident that both their information and usage of the Jobmanji website is respected and protected. We also pay attention to feedback from users, with any issues arising being addressed.

We want to ensure that website users have access to the simplest route to finding work and, with this in mind, we minimise the number of sites to click through in order to apply for jobs. If we spot a site that redirects users to multiple external sites we remove it immediately from our index.

Get the most out of Jobmanji now - post a job description or a CV, or search for jobs in your area. As far as we’re concerned – you’re the top banana, so if you have any suggestions or you would like to contact one of our team, then please visit the contact page or feel free to visit our Advice and Tips section, which is updated regularly.

We strive to make job seeking as user-friendly and easy as possible.