Nursing: 10 Toughest Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers

1. Why do you want to work in this industry?

Don't: Tell only what you like, e.g. professional status, medical jargon, earning potential or, even worse, that you couldn't find anything else.

Do: Come up with a success story and underline your inherited aptitudes at the same time.

E.g. : I am a caring and compassionate person by nature and I was fascinated by helping other people since I was a kid. But what made me take the decision to follow this career path was a particular experience (and here you come up with an example, such as a volunteering at an old people centre/ a particular case of a person you know, etc.).

2. Tell us about yourself.

Don't: …give a chronological description of your education, qualifications and work history.

Do: Focus on your strengths which are relevant for the role you have applied for, coming up with examples.

E.g. I am a great communicator and a team player. I am really emotionally stable and working under pressure does not affect my performance, in fact, motivates me. I am calm, confident and I really like challenges. I am able to work independently without overcoming my attributions.

3. Why are you leaving your current role?

Don't:…say anything negative.

Do: Say you are looking for new challenges and career advancement.

4. How do you explain your gap in employment?

Don’t: …say you couldn't find a job, it will make you look incompetent.

Do: Find a really good reason. E.g. you wanted to improve your education or you have focused on your family and raising your children for a while, but now you're back, better than ever.

5. Tell us how you work under pressure

Don’t: …say you don’t function well under pressure.

Do: Come up with an example of a situation when you successfully faced extreme pressure, but also underline the fact that you are able to perform well under the normal pressure of the day by day activities of a nurse.

6. Why should I hire you?

Don’t: …say you consider you're the best candidate for the role, you don’t know the other candidates.

Do: Highlight the most relevant qualifications and experience and link them to the job requirements.

7. What did you like least about your last job?

Don’t: …get negative.

Do: Say it was a good job, but you are looking for challenges and that you want to use your potential to a maximum.

8. What motivates you?

Don’t: …say anything about the money or status.

Do: Talk about the fact