How to Survive the First Week at Your New Job

Starting a new job can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Even if it is not your first job, there are some difficulties you will be confronted to during the first days at a new workplace.

It is largely recognized that the most common problem new employees do face during the first days is information overload. As a business cannot simply stop and wait for the new employee to adapt to the working environment, there are great chances to be bombarded with a high amount of information that you will have to process quickly.

There are various methods to help you overcome this situation. One of them is to take some time during the day or at the end of each working day to write down and synthetize the most important information and details and to prepare questions for the next days if necessary.

You can also get try to get informed and documented by gathering as much information as possible about the company before your first day. Take some time to do some research.

Another challenge is to find the perfect balance between confidence and arrogance. No matter how qualified and experienced you are, the other employees, especially those working there for a long time will expect you treat them with respect.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or to ask for advice, offer to help and avoid voicing your opinion too loud during the first day.

Relationships are the most important. Try to figure out the type of personality of each of your co-worker and try to build positive relationships. Of course you cannot get definitive conclusions of who is who during the first day, avoid doing that by any means.

If you feel unexplainable antipathy for one of your co-workers, supervisors or bosses, do not feed this feeling, you will unconsciously attract their antipathy too. Take all the negative feelings and thoughts out of your mind.

Take care about the reverse situation too. If you feel someone doesn't like you, take initiative and build a positive relationship with that person too.

At the beginning you may feel isolated or excluded, especially during informal activities. It is a good idea to find a ”mentor”, someone with a good status within the team to introduce you. However, don’t trust and share all your opinions with anybody during the first day, keep it to a professional level.

If you have the opportunity and you feel you are competent enough, help your colleagues, but without making them feel incompetent, they are going to hate you.

Of course, make sure you are not doing the classic mistakes such as being late in the first day, overdressing or ignoring the dress code, swearing or badmouthing your last employer, telling everybody the story of your life and so on.