How to Build A Great Company Culture

Every business owner or CEO probably has a personal view on the meaning of”company culture”. Although not everyone recognizes it, businesses often fail delivering successful products and services because their employees are unhappy, unsatisfied or under-motivated.

A great company culture involves a shared vision, a mission which energizes employees and creates commitment.

There are many books and theories and scientific or theoretic approaches about organizational culture, but it is largely recognized that great theoretical fundaments are less applicable to day to day realities. The truth is there are too many variables, most of them dynamic, to include them in a success formula.

Theories work with assumptions. ” Every organization develops and maintains a unique culture, which provides guidelines and boundaries for the behaviour of the members of the organization”. And most of them ultimately fail.

A company culture is not something that you create whenever you want. It requires time and authentic involvement. Of course, it is important to have a good knowledge base about organizational culture as you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. But how can you find that equilibrium point that makes your employees happy, your products appealing and your company successful?

Learn from the Successful Ones

Well, you cannot simply take a successful model and apply it to your company, but you can definitely pick elements and ideas. Learn about other companies with successful organizational cultures and try to spot recurrent elements. Can you find common approaches, ideas, etc.? They may be the key to success.

Become a Model and Inspire Your People

Maybe you have a great vision, but if your employees are not respecting and admiring you, the chances of sharing it are extremely low. Make sure you are good enough for them.

Develop Your Charisma

Many cultures are successful due to the charm of the people creating and promoting them. Some of them are often associated with a certain person. A successful organizational culture should have a strong influence on employee’s behaviour. Work on your persuasion skills, on your image and on your influencing abilities.

Trust Your Employees

Make sure your vision provides opportunities and intrinsic motivates for every single person in your company. You should be able to adopt “the worker’s perspective” as often as possible.

Involve Your Employees in Culture Creation Process

It is more likely they will show commitment to something they brought their contribution too. When defining the company mission, do it with the involvement of the employees.

You expect your employees to show commitment. They expect the company to meet their expectancies. Make sure you know what they wish and include some of their hopes and dreams in the company mission.

Are you working with the right people?

People are the most important resource of a company. But there are cases when certain persons are never happy. Nothing can ever satisfy them. They never agree with anything and they are all the time creating a negative atmosphere around them. Try to focus on people you can work with. Hire enthusiastic, gifted, talented people. Don’t be afraid of people that are smarter than you.

Remember, a great company culture depends on people who create and live it.