10 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

1. Display Ads

Display ads, usually appearing on the sidebar of blogs include images, graphics, rich media, audio or video in order to communicate an advertising message. Google Adsense is the most popular ad network but there are also other alternatives, such as BuySell Ads, VigLink, InfoLinks, Skimlinks, ADVERSAL, BlogAds, etc.

However, making real money from display ads involves patience and hard work. On PRO Blog School you can find some examples and data, and a lot of jargon terms defined.

2. Private Ads

Private Ads are similar to Display Ads, the only difference is that there is no ad network involved, you will have to negotiate directly with the client.

3. Reviews

Writing product reviews can be really exciting, most of the companies you're working for would give you free products to use and you can also charge to write about it.

A good review should be engaging for your audience and, at the same time, attractive for the prospective clients.

4. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored blog post may be written by you or by other advertisers and you are paid to publish it on your website according to your traffic and the number of unique visitors/month. A general rule is that you always have to mention that's a sponsored blog post, mentioning the name of client.

5. Selling Digital Products

You can sell whatever you want, from e-books to music, pictures, domains, plug-ins, themes, and photos for your clients or products that you developed yourself.

6. Developing & Selling Premium Content

Creating premium content, for which people pay to access may be time consuming, but if you have the right audience, can be really rewarding. Premium content may include text, other digital content, and special treatment such as 1-to-1 support.

Consider you will have to develop a secure subscription-based access system.

7. Online Courses

You will have to choose a capable teaching platform and develop high quality content. You can also organize webinars or online workshop. You can either charge a participation fee or simply use the courses to increase your traffic and get money from sponsored posts and ads. You can also sell associated physical or digital products such as course support or books.

8. Selling Physical Products

A blog is a great way to promote and sell products developed by you or third parties, especially books, events or hand-made products.

9. Selling Services

The start-up costs are low and it is a great way to promote your services and skills, you can make them available online.

10. Non-blogging Writing

As a skilled online writer, you have great chances to be hired to write for other purposes or media such as newspapers, magazines or books.